On 22 May, the entire German section travelled to Cinqfontaines, near Troisvierges. The memorial centre has taken on the important task of educating school classes about anti-Semitism, racism, democracy and human rights.

The local educators took a tour with the 3 different school classes. Using photos, pictures and age-appropriate explanations, the students immersed themselves in the life stories of people who lived in Cinqfontaines.

Mr Joseph, son of Jewish parents and second generation witness, joined us and talked about himself and the experiences of his parents, who fled with falsified papers during the Nazi era.

Our excursion ended with a discussion round in which the student had the opportunity to ask questions. The importance of remembering this terrible time, the connection to our everyday lives and the concept of moral courage were addressed and explained to the young participants.

A visit that made us realise that we must never forget this terrible time!