‘Where words fail, music speaks.’

Hans Christian Anderson

The Piano Corner is a space of creativity and learning for and with students. During lesson free periods our pupils can meet and share inspiring moments around the piano.

We noticed that the piano in the community area lacked ownership, proper use of equipment, a good learning atmosphere and good rules of life.

‘I can’t play, so the piano is not for me’ (student)

The aim was therefore to create a more inclusive, more accessible, more digital, and more democratic space and above all to offer the possibility of discovering a musical instrument and, who knows, to awaken the artist in every student.

As a starting point, a code of conduct was drawn up with the students to ensure that the corner would function properly.


A democratic project

The ‘music of the month’ will be suggested by our students in an idea box set up near the Piano where they can propose a piece of music to be simplified and whose score will be posted for a month so that everyone can learn it.

The piano corner started with the positive song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.

An inclusive project

Our music teacher, Ms. Melina Costa Cortez, has simplified the song ‘Imagine’. Coloured stickers on the keys and a plastic board support the performance in a way that students with no musical training can easily start practising and playing the piano.

The more advanced ones were also not forgotten. We bought a poster with all the possible piano chords to put up in a visible place. Six of the more advanced students have agreed to be referents for students who would like help learning the music of the month.

A digital project

Ms Costa Cortez has filmed a video tutorial so that everyone can follow the steps of the piece of music. The tutorial videos can be viewed on our new YouTube channel which was created for this purpose.

Discover here our YouTube tutorial: