The École internationale Gaston Thorn (EIGT) debuted the game-based learning school project, Levelling Up Learning: Enhancing Student Motivation and Achievement Through Game-Based Learning, in September 2023.

The project complements the goal of "Individualising educational support" in the school development plan by providing students and teachers with alternative and creative learning and teaching techniques during the school day. The project focuses on the 8 key competences for lifelong learning encouraged by the European Commission, which are to be deepened through the game.

The project is funded by the Centre de Coordination des Projets d'établissement.

Discover more about Game-based learning here

Let’s play “Travelling across Europe”


As part of the EIGT’s Game-based learning project, the Physical Education
department has created the game ‘Travelling across Europe’ to improve each student’s level of cardiovascular health.

Discover the game here: Travelling across Europe


If you have any questions about the implementation of the game, our teacher Mr Jérôme Weiss will be happy to help: