As part of the EIGT Game-based learning project, the Physical Education department introduces 'Travelling across Europe,' a game designed to enhance cardiovascular health in students. The following video provides an overview, allowing students to engage in the game immediately.

'Travelling across Europe' aims to cultivate cultural awareness by exploring the geographical positions of major European cities, promoting social competences through cooperation, and emphasizing physical literacy in today's physical education. The game addresses the four pillars of physical literacy:

  • COMPETENCE TO MOVE: 'Travelling across Europe' involves high-intensity interval running.
  • MOTIVATION TO MOVE: The game fosters a mastery motivational climate, prioritizing personal improvement over competition and ego.
  • CONFIDENCE TO MOVE: Rooted in group activities, the game demands full cooperation, enhancing both individual and collective confidence.
  • KNOWLEDGE TO MOVE: Through self-knowledge, the game encourages the tactical aspect of running, providing a holistic approach to physical development.

To access the video and embark on this exciting journey, visit the video below. Get ready to experience the benefits of 'Travelling across Europe'—a unique blend of fitness, cultural exploration, and teamwork."