Welcome to EIGT Radio, the new vibrant pulse of our school!



The EIGT radio station and Radio Europa EIGT is a new hub of creativity, expression, and cooperation.

It offers students a unique gateway into radio production and media education. With a dedicated studio featuring professional equipment on EIGT’s premises, students can dive into the realms of live broadcasts, music curation, interviews, podcasts, and more. Beyond radio production, this initiative serves as a potent pedagogical tool, fostering the enhancement of creative, critical, communication, and interpersonal skills, while also aligning with EIGT's core pillars of Democracy, Music, and the Digital world.

The radio is coordinated by Mr E. Sipetzis, secondary teacher and head of the Department of Human Sciences, co-responsible of the Europe Club and EPAS project. If you have any suggestions or questions, please get in touch via radio@eigt.lu.

Enjoy listening to our podcasts:



Student democracy and the Student Committee (Podcast in French)



Halloween Delights: Embracing Spooky Fun and Festivities (Podcast in french)



Europa Day Festivities at EIGT: Celebrating Unity and Culture



Europe Day: Honoring Unity and Diversity



Inside the RTL Studios



Mr. Christophe Lambot: Championing ELA in Luxembourg



Euroscola: Empowering Youth Voices in the European Parliament




First experiences with the Model European Council




Navigating European Policies and Values



Inside Europe: A Conversation with MEP Marc Angel, Caroll Lemarié, and Christophe Schroeder



Fostering Civic Engagement and European Values: European Parliament Ambassador School



Echoes from the Europe Club: Student Impressions and Insights