Welcome to the "Island" Team.

We are psychologists, pedagogues, social workers, social educators, life coaches and teachers.



Our missions


Help and counselling

We counsel students and their families in psychological, personal and social matters.


Social justice

We offer support for financial and cultural participation.

We cooperate with the different health services.


School and career guidance

We advise and accompany pupils in making decisions about their school and professional careers.



We advise and accompany pupils in the development of their personality.

We organise and carry out age-appropriate prevention activities in various areas.

We work with external partners to implement prevention projects.



We accompany and advise pupils with special needs.

Frodo, 6-year-old, is regularly present at EIGT.

When students come to the Island and need reassurance, Frodo can come and sit next to them on the sofa. Often they start petting the dog. This simple gesture creates confidence and allows the young person to calm down and refocus.


In a time of mental stress, the dog can bring comfort to those who suffer from unease. Because, in the end, what matters is the well-being of our school community.

Opening hours and contact details

We are here for you:

Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and by appointment.


BENAVENTE Carina, Responsible of the department, social worker, coach, contact person S3, 2604 – 6123, carina.benaventetanji@eigt.lu

DO CARMO David, social educator, ESEB, contact person S1 ESEB, david.docarmofreitas@eigt.lu

DOS SANTOS CORTESIA Jorge, social educator, contact person S1, 2604 – 6121,jorge.dossantoscortesia@eigt.lu

GEISEN Nicolas, psychologist, contact person S2, 2604 – 6124, nicolas.geisen@eigt.lu

MAQUET Melanie, social educator, contact person P1, 2604 – 6265, melanie.maquet@eigt.lu

MARX Katja, pedagogue, ESEB, contact person P2 + P3, 2604 – 6265 (office primary), 2604 – 6125 (office secondary), katja.marx@eigt.lu

RAACH Stéphanie, life coach, contact person VP + ACCU, 2604 – 6120, stephanie.raach@eigt.lu

SCHMITT Patrice, teacher, 2604-6118, patricia.schmitt@eigt.lu