The École internationale Gaston Thorn has been designated as a European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) since yesterday, June 5.

Mr. Marc Angel: Vice-President of the European Parliament

Ms. Anne Calteaux: Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg

Mr. Christoph Schroeder:  Head of Unit of the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Luxembourg

Ms. Caroll Lemarié: Head of the Delegation of the Office of International and European Schooling in Luxembourg and

Ms. Jessy Medinger: EIGT school principal, all attended the event.

The students of the Europe Club, Radio Club, EIGT's Journal, delegates of the student committee, and EIGT's student representatives got the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with Mr. Marc Angel and to interview him together with Ms Lemarié and Mr Schroeder for EIGT Radio. The students also participated in the launch of the EU4YOU(TH) exhibition at EIGT as part of the European program "EU 4 YOU(TH)".