Eight of our secondary students represented our school in the European scientific competition in Varese.

Our students have been presenting their approach with a slide show in front of two scientific jury. They have also prepared a poster documenting the phases of their scientific approach, which is shown in the science corridor.

Congratulations to our eight students who delivered an outstanding presentation! They were all brilliant in constructing and interpreting their experience!

Beatrice Hill and Gabriela Waicman, from the S2EN class, have created a sensory machine to relax by listening to music with water vapor and essential oils. They finished in the top 10 in the junior competition. Well done for a first time in science contest !

Loic Kostohryz and Quentin David, from the S1FR1 class, have created a mechanical hydraulic arm made of cardboard.

Remi Crowley and Hippolyte François, from the S1FR1 and S1FR2 classes, tested our students’ concentration with chewing gum, slime and stress balls.

Joséphine Banet-Rivet and Maria-Victoria Escobar, from the S2FR2 class, presented an experiment to make transparent objects invisible.